Meet Stephanie


Exciting times for Mum-to-be Stephanie Waters, whose baby is due next May!!

Stephanie, who got married last July has been with us for 9 years starting as a teenager and has grown into a confident, capable young woman.

It’s been a joy working with her over the years as she is an engaging and bubbly person who is well liked by her colleagues, and clients find her very approachable. She maintains the cleanliness of her area with high cleaning standards and attention to detail.

Since finding out her thrilling news we asked our Health and Safety advisor Stan Brown of ACCS-Safety to carry out a site visit and draw up a risk assessment to ensure Stephanie and her baby’s wellbeing. We will meet with Stephanie on an ongoing basis to ensure we support her with her day to day duties and to discuss any concerns she may have as her pregnancy progresses.

Looking forward to meeting the new arrival in May!!

Last Modified on October 30, 2019
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