Jackie cleans up!!


My story

My working life began 1991 with the bank, where I worked in various roles for 10 years, learning the importance of customer service, discretion and security. After 10 years, I needed a new challenge, for this I started “Jack and Jill’s Cleaning Ltd.” with a friend, initially doing domestic cleaning, this then developed into commercial cleaning. Over the 19 years that Jack and Jill’s Cleaning was in operation the business grew and spread throughout Angus and Tayside. In 2018 I said goodbye to Jack & Jill’s and my friend as I felt that the business had run its course and I started new journey with Jackie’s Commercial Cleaning Ltd. Over the last 19 years I have built up a considerable knowledge of the cleaning industry.

Why does your business need a cleaning company?

Employing a cleaning company allows you to focus on your core business, without having the burden of dealing with staffing issues like recruitment, holidays and sickness.

Having a clean and fresh environment gives a great first impression to any visitors and potential customers, keeps employees happy and feeling valued. A clean workplace can positively affect productivity!!

Why use Jackie’s’ Commercial Cleaning?

We offer an approachable professional service, working closely with customers to provide a tailored service to suit your budget, being local means we are on hand should anything unexpected happen. Each customer has a dedicated cleaning team.